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Big Deal LLC

Men's Collar Protected Collar Shield Dress Shirt

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Paul Godfrey, CEO and Founder of Big Deal LLC loves to wear men’s dress shirt and suit every day to work. On Sunday’s he also wears his dress shirt and suit. He noticed something, all his shirts are mostly dirty around the collar of his shirt because of sweats. This means regularly taking his shirt to the cleanser every week and paying thousands of dollar every year to the dry cleaner. Does this problem sound familiar to you? Paul Godfrey invented “Collar Shield ”. He filled a patent for this great idea as well. This shirt has a “Collar Shield” . When the shield is dirty, just take out the “Collar Shield” and wash. Then button your “Collar Shield” back to the collar of your shirt and that’s all. Our shirts are made of a fine cotton material. This a game changer in men's shirt. Great selections and great price. This product is exclusively sold by Big Deal LLC. We invented this great idea. Buy for your self and your friends.